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Dinghy Sailing Coach




January 6th, 1999. That is the date in which my life change forever. I won the Cadet World Championships in far-away Australia and something inside me cracked. I tasted Victory. I realised how good it feels to work really hard for something and achieve it. I was only 12. But I was not alone, on the opposite, I made my way to the top because someone showed me a path and put all his trust in me. He made me perform to limits I didn’t even know existed.


After the Worlds, of course: I wanted more! And so I went back to the Optimist Class –I was an average sailor before the Worlds- and made my way to the National Team, competing in several International Events, discovering a passion for both Sailing and Competition, as a way to get personal growth, racing not only against the best of the world but mainly against myself. But once again, I was never alone. Many good coaches and friends showed me their ways, and once again I discover the power of sharing this fight to push the limits.


This has been my main drive since I started coaching in 2007. To connect with sailors and guide them through this tough challenge of overcoming difficulties and finding out who you are. To provide maximum quality of training without compromising the process, seeking results as a consequence of hard work, commitment and believing in yourself.


You will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them.



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